Author name: Dr. Mary Speed


SOS is the morse code statement for distress. The letters have been defined by some people to mean SAVE OUR SOULS. The letters are not an acronym but an international signal of distress. Yes, this morse code signal from a ship might mean the ship is sinking, or it could mean that someone on board

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I keep shoe boxes. How many? Enough that when my grandboys visit, they have plenty of “material” for building.  They take great glee in making towers and even greater delight, as is evidenced by their squeals, in seeing the towers tumble. Sometimes I silently protest the premature downfall. My conflicted emotion reminds me of Bridge

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On a television program called Good Times, JJ, one of the main characters, frequently exclaimed “Dy-no-mite!” I believe that everyone has dynamite inside. The resurrection of Christ is a good place to examine that potential. A massive boulder rolled in place at the entrance of the tomb of Christ weighed about two tons, yet the

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Safe Homes

After a family lost their house to fire, someone asked a child how she was doing without her home; the child replied, “Oh! We have a home; we just need a house to put it in.” Where we live ought to be a place of safety and sanctity. Safety from destruction is better planned pre-insurance

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The Present

William Wordsworth wrote, “Life is divided into three terms—that which was, which is, and which will be.” Anything can be tolerated in the present moment. Rarely, however, are moments perceived without the overshadowing of the past.  What I mean is, say someone is stuck in traffic. No big deal as an isolated occurrence, just a

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No Trespassing

I am reluctant to say something of a more personal nature than I typically do; however, I am hoping that what you are about to read may in some way be pertinent to yourself—words that perhaps you need to hear—even or especially during this upcoming holiday season. I had a dream that I was standing

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Nothing left is what people feel after having their homes flooded or their hearts attacked by devastating news. Morris Goodman can related to losses. On March 10, 1981, his airplane crashed; as a result his body parts were inoperable. His neck was broken, his spinal cord, jaw and larynx crushed. He was unable to swallow

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