Ellis V. Lucia

For the Love of All Things Art

I’VE SPENT A lifetime staring at blank pieces of paper. The creative process is always a struggle. This comes to mind because my three favorite disciplines, writing, cooking and photography, all require a creative process and a starting point of staring, literally or figuratively, at a blank sheet of paper. To be in the creative …

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For the Love of Pecans

Before the modern era of corporate farming and super supermarket shopping, most south Louisianans grew a lot of what they consumed. What our families could not produce was either bought from overflowing produce trucks that crawled the neighborhood streets or from the small family owned grocery where, my wife for example, would ride a mechanical …

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Thanksgiving and the Beach

AHHHH…THANKSGIVING. It’s the reason for time honored recipes, stockpots and wagers on family behavior. The season of familiar relatives, old friends, new acquaintances— and casseroles, dressings, pies, rolls, more pies and tryptophan induced snoozes. It is also time for my annual serving of a slice of humble pie when guests decide to ignore home-cooked cranberries …

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Foodies & Friends – On Anniversaries

As journalists, those were our darkest days. There were no lights, no phones, no power—anarchy ruled the streets. Flames floated on water from broken submerged natural gas lines. Tall, black columns of smoke rose from burning, flooded buildings. Citizens roamed the elevated highways pushing shopping carts of children and possessions. It was eerie, dystopian. But …

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Jamaica: Gateway to Flavor

The airplane dipped lower and lower, almost clipping the coconut palm, palmetto and ficus trees, then bounced to a landing. The hand-painted welcome sign across the prefab building, the terminal at the Montego Bay Airport, proclaimed it the “The Gateway to Jamaica.” The spiky yucca plants with stiletto yellow blades did not seem welcoming.   …

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