November 2018

November 2018 Enterprising Woman – Ingrid Rinck

INGRID RINCK, a self-made entrepreneur and CEO of Sensible Meals, has been helping people eat healthier and achieve their weight loss goals since 2014. A personal trainer for 20 years, Rinck found her passion for fitness at the early age of fifteen. Within a year after joining a fitness class, she found herself teaching the

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Thanksgiving and the Beach

AHHHH…THANKSGIVING. It’s the reason for time honored recipes, stockpots and wagers on family behavior. The season of familiar relatives, old friends, new acquaintances— and casseroles, dressings, pies, rolls, more pies and tryptophan induced snoozes. It is also time for my annual serving of a slice of humble pie when guests decide to ignore home-cooked cranberries

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Gather Tablescapes For All

WHEN FALL ARRIVES so do family gatherings. The changing of the seasons means the changing of colors along with your home details and decor. Tradition is not just the autumn colors of orange, brown and tan. Rustic touches with modern influences create a comfortable and cozy yet contemporary feel. From warm copper tableware and touches of gold to

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Enriching Lives Through Art: The Vision of Joanne Gallinghouse

PEOPLE OFTEN ASK, does art matter? Is it worth funding? Is it worth studying? Joanne’s answer, without hesitation, was always yes. Her love for fine arts inspired her to bring this universal language to our community, by helping found the Three Rivers Art Festival. Joanne Gallinghouse was an incredible woman who had a devoted passion

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