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DR. PAUL J. GORDON has one objective in mind for his patients: a return to optimal health. As a chiropractor in Mandeville, Dr. Gordon mainly treats people injured in auto accidents, workplace mishaps or, from time-to-time, sports injuries.

In practice since 2001, Dr. Gordon has extensive experience working in the medicallegal arena, which is complex. In addition to treating the patient, he must also maintain meticulous records, formulate professional opinions on the cause of patients’ injuries, and provide his expert opinion to the patient’s attorney – all while maintaining a trusting bond with the patient.

“When seeing patients, I diagnose their injuries and determine if, and how, an accident may have contributed to the said injuries. Then, I must prescribe a treatment,” he said. Dr. Gordon does not believe in “cookie cutter” treatment. Each plan is specifically designed and can involve any number of options including segmental strengthening, ELDOA stretching, deep myofascial stretching, electrical muscle stimulation, joint mobilization, articular pumping, and more. “My intentions are to formulate a plan that takes the patient through all phases of healing and to get the patient back to pre-injury status,” Dr. Gordon said.

In the world of personal injury, Dr. Gordon believes that the integration of chiropractic with standard medical care is often necessary. For example, a patient may have inflammation that causes unbearable pain and prevents healing. In such cases, Dr. Gordon will refer the patient to his in-house medical doctor, Dr. Raul Reyes, who will independently evaluate the patient. Dr. Reyes may then prescribe an anti-inflammatory to help reduce the swelling and inflammation. Thereafter, Dr. Gordon can continue working with the patient.

In some instances, Dr. Gordon may encounter injuries that require another level of care. He will then refer those patients to specialists. “If a patient presents with a shoulder tear, that would require an orthopedist. So, I will make a recommendation for an orthopedic consult on the shoulder injury, but continue to treat the patient for other injuries,” Dr. Gordon said. When asked about the length of time he sees a personal injury patient, he responded “Some patients heal very quickly; others require a longer healing time. I even have patients who simply want to be evaluated once to make sure they’re okay following an accident. Every patient is different,” he said.

Dr. Gordon is also very passionate about children involved in collisions. “It’s extremely important for children to be evaluated following an accident,” said Dr. Gordon, who has a fellowship in pediatric chiropractic. “Children tend to simply say they are okay, even if symptoms are present. Typically, a restrained child is susceptible to hyperflexion-extension trauma to the neck. If left undiagnosed and untreated, these children could eventually experience fascia problems which can progress into scoliosis,” Dr. Gordon said.


Dr. Gordon loves having the latest technology at his disposal, allowing him to diagnose injuries with precision. He uses digital radiology x-rays and flexion-extension studies to rule out trauma beyond sprain/strain injuries. Regardless of the patients’ needs, Dr. Gordon is prepared to give them the best chance at healing.


Dr. Gordon and his team regularly participate in continuing education to stay abreast of advances in chiropractic and rehabilitation.

“Education never stops,” he said. “There’s always something new to learn and incorporate into my practice, for me and my team. I invest in their continual studies because they are an essential part of my practice,” he said. In fact, his rehabilitation staff are all ELDOAcertified. ELDOA exercises are highly effective in providing relief from pain, arthritis, and neurological conditions.

Dr. Gordon’s rehab team includes a certified yoga instructor, a personal trainer, and a wellness coach. “I have full faith and confidence in every member of my team. I couldn’t do this without them,” he said. “By investing in my team and my practice, I get the best results for my patients. I don’t want people just to feel better. I want them to function better too,” he said.

Dr. Gordon also makes certain patients are fully invested in their care. “I inform them about my findings, educate them on their injuries, and empower them to work with me on their healing process. This helps build an effective patient-doctor relationship. If a patient does not leave my office a better person than when they came in, I feel like I’ve failed them,” he said.

While Dr. Gordon spends most of his time helping patients heal following personal injury accidents, he also enjoys helping professional and collegiate athletes, musicians and people who work in the film industry. “It’s fun,” he said. “It challenges me a bit to think outside the medical-legal world. But, the fundamental standard of care is the same – I will always use the most advanced techniques in chiropractic and rehabilitation to restore strength, balance, and stability to the human body.”


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