Wedding Cake Trends

Wedding cake trends for 2014 are  far from ornate. Instead, brides seem to be opting for a much simpler “less is more” approach for their wedding day desserts.

1. Tiny Cakes:

smallcakesThese pint-sized, one- or two-tiered beauties are being seen both on their own and as the centerpiece for a larger “dessert table” featuring different desserts or multiple cakes.

2. Dessert Tables:

dessert table

Ok, this trend is an exception of the minimalistic mantra.  Who wants just one type of cake when you can have a dozen?!

3. Typographic Toppers:

typographictopperThese adorable wedding toppers in whimsical calligraphy or a bold type-face let you say what you mean, and mean what you say!

4. “Naked” Cakes


Naked Cakes like these gorgeous  frosting-free examples show exactly how brides are saying less is more.

5. Flower Power


For awhile, intricate designs and edible/sugar flowers dominated the wedding scene topping cakes covered in smooth, flawless fondant. Now, real flowers, leaves and vines atop rustic, imperfect butter cream frosting are having their time in the light.

6. The “Not-Cake” Cake

NotCake“Oh you served cheesecake at your wedding?”  “No no, I had a cake literally made out of cheese.”

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