Valentine’s Day Spending: What’s Love Got To Do With It?

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Romance may be on your mind come February 14, but Valentine’s Day is also big business. Here’s a breakdown of how much Americans spent on Valentine’s Day in 2017. As a whole, Americans spent $18.2 billion. That’s $136.57 per person!

Of those, 20 percent bought jewelry, spending $4.3 billion on shiny baubles. Add some sparkle to her eye!

Another $2 billion was spent on flowers. It should be no surprise that roses are the most popular Valentine’s Day flower. Nearly 250 million are grown just for the occasion!

Chocolate and candy accounts for $1.7 billion in Valentine’s Day spending. A sweet treat for your sweetheart!

Greeting cards make up another $1 billion in sales. Everyone enjoys finding a red or pink special envelope in their mailbox!

And spending on Valentine’s Day largely falls to men who spend an average of $150; ladies spend $74.

Source: National Retail Federation




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