The Northshore Humane Society in the Holiday Spirit

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THE CHRISTMAS SEASON is a time for love, joy and generosity. It’s a time to reflect on how much our family means to us and how fortunate we are to be part of a loving community. We are inspired to share what we have with the less fortunate while celebrating the winter season with our loved ones. During the holiday season the Northshore Humane Society would like to thank the compassion and generosity of St. Tammany Parish. We could not save animals without you!

The Northshore Humane Society is a no-kill shelter and veterinarian clinic that rescues dogs and cats from hunger, sickness and euthanasia by finding them forever homes. As one of the largest no-kill shelters in Louisiana our expenses can get very high. We do not rely on governmental funding so our mission to save homeless dogs and cats on the Northshore heavily depends on donations and our volunteers.

Every day is an adventure at the Northshore Humane Society. We work tirelessly to find forever families for abandoned and homeless dogs and cats. The daily operations and upkeep are already substantial, but unforeseen challenges can take a toll. Throughout all of our struggles the generosity and compassion of our volunteers and supporters always comes through. The Northshore is a community full of people who selflessly give to our shelter to help vulnerable dogs and cats.
Surrendered animals are not always unwanted. Often an owner might be forced to give up their pet as a last resort due to tragedy—the death of an owner, a family that falls on hard times or a marriage that breaks apart. When we encounter these stories, we can assure them that our dogs and cats will be cared for by the community.

Members of the community frequently go above and beyond to support our homeless dogs and cats. We’ve had a bride-to-be ask for donations instead of wedding gifts, a birthday girl ask for donations instead of presents and young high school students who raised donations specifically for our shelter. Our community frequently reaches out to support us in all of our efforts, and none more so than our volunteers. When you attend a Northshore Humane Society event, you can see our amazing and loving volunteers helping our dogs find their forever homes. Their patience and care helps socialize dogs and cats that might not have had families before. Our volunteers passionately support our mission of finding dogs and cats homes, celebrating almost every adoption.

Recently a member of the community donated some land to the Northshore Humane Society to build a desperately needed new facility. Expanding means we can save even more dogs and cats from municipal shelters which would otherwise euthanize the animals due to limited space and resources. Because we can only rescue when we have the ability, expanding would mean more homeless animals can be saved. In addition, updated facilities mean improved veterinarian care for the community. Our vet clinic provides affordable and expert care for animals on the Northshore, and a new facility would improve our abilities astronomically.

During the Christmas season, we ask that you please continue supporting the Northshore Humane Society in our efforts to save all abandoned dogs and cats in St. Tammany Parish. We welcome you to join a loving and passionate community of volunteers. Most of all, we ask that you bring one of our animals into your home. Not only do you give a wonderful dog or cat a home but you will make room for another animal that needs saving. We thank our volunteers, fosters and supporters for all of their efforts. Your dedication helps improve the lives of dogs and cats on the Northshore.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from all of us at the Northshore Humane Society.



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