The Doorway to Spring

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Spring arrives in March, but somehow April always seems to be the month we begin to crave that fresh start. The garden begins to really come back to life and the chores begin to loom over us! This is the perfect time to step outside and check out the first thing you see upon doing so, your entry door. Whether you use the front or side door, take some time to make that entry space truly say, “Welcome!”

A can of paint, some new oversized pots and a few colorful plants can make all the difference to your entry. Think color. Maybe you haven’t repainted that entry door in years or maybe you did it yesterday, whatever the case may be, imagine surrounding the area with large pots of annuals or perennials.

Remember you can always change your plantings as the seasons change. Shop around for the best buys in pots. The Northshore has an abundance of places to purchase these. Try to choose a color that coordinates with your door either color—a deeper or lighter shade of the same color or choose a complimentary color on the color wheel.

The next thing to consider is the actual space around your entry. You don’t want to feel cramped as you enter or exit. If you have steps, you could also stagger the pots up and down the stairway. Maybe you have room for a chair or garden bench. You could also add new address numbers and of course, don’t forget the new welcome mat!

If you have lots of sunlight, keep that in mind when choosing your plants. Lantana and sultana do great in containers and love the sun. Portulaca also thrives with direct sun and any of these would be a great accompaniment to a small citrus. Ask for help in choosing at your local nursery or check with the LSU Ag center for container garden ideas. A little research before you shop always makes the task more successful. Be prepared to water these containers more often than you would if these same plants were in the ground. Many evergreens will also do well in containers surrounded by spring and summer bloomers. Just try to get plants that appreciate the same amount of watering. If your choices fail, don’t be afraid to try something different. Things can always be moved to a permanent garden bed and there are always an abundance of plants to be had.

Taking that first step will be the inspiration you need to make your whole garden say, “Welcome” to each and every person that comes your way. Brightening a doorway is just like greeting someone with a big smile! What better way to welcome people into your world!

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