Plan, Budget for Entrepreneurial Success

Venturing out into the business world on your own can be incredibly scary but also liberating and exciting. Starting your own business gives your purpose a platform and an opportunity to leave your mark on the world. There are some clear advantages of being your our boss: setting your hours, dress code, the business’s location …

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Getting The Most From Your Marketing Agency

Advertising author Morris Hite once said, “It takes good clients to make a good advertising agency.” So what makes a client a good client? And why should it matter to you? Good clients tend to have longer-lasting relationships with their agencies, which lead to better work. As agencies get to really know a client’s brand …

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Minding Your Business by Being Nosy

THERE ARE WHOLE INDUSTRIES built around marketing research—finding out what makes the consumer tick, what motivates people to buy, emerging trends in consumer behavior. Certainly you can spend big bucks to learn definitively what people think. And while this type of formalized research is useful in making business decisions, it’s not always necessary. Sometimes all …

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The Search Continues

LAST MONTH we looked at optimizing your website so that customers can find you in online searches. But there’s more to visibility than on-site Search Engine Optimization (SEO). This month we’ll look at off-site digital presence management. Perhaps the most important off-site SEO strategy—particularly for location-based businesses—is pushing out your business information to search engines …

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The Benefits of a Marketing Audit

One of my favorite quotes is Einstein’s definition of insanity—doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. While we’d all like to think that we learn from our mistakes, the marketing audit is a formalized process that helps to objectively separate your successes from your failures. A marketing audit provides invaluable …

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