Super Plants to the Rescue

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Walking through a nursery or garden store becomes overwhelming very quickly. How do you know types of plants to choose? Which will best withstand Louisiana’s heat and humidity? 

If you’re not sure where to start, pick a Louisiana Super Plant. These varieties have been identified by the LSU Ag Center as good options for the Louisiana climate. 

Each Super Plant undergoes at least two years of rigorous evaluations. Additionally, Louisiana Super Plants must be easily produced and readily available for purchase at retail and wholesale outlets. 

A selection committee made up of LSU AgCenter personnel selects plants based upon observations of plant performance at various trial sites across the state. Then, the Louisiana Super Plants advisory committee, composed of nursery and landscape industry representatives, determines the selected plants’ marketability. The process ensures each Super Plant is both university tested and industry approved. 

Some 40 plant species are identified as Super Plants with more added each year. Super Plants are divided by “warm” and “cool” season bedding plants, shrubs and trees.

The listing provides home gardeners more specific information than a generic type of plant. For example, last year’s additions include the Vista Supertunia Bubblegum Petunia and  Sunpatiens Hybrid Inpatiens. Armed with this information, home gardeners know exactly which variety of petunias and inpatiens to buy at the garden store. 

A complete listing of Louisiana Super Plants is available at lsuagcenter.com. Click on Topics, then Lawn & Garden.



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