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IT’S THE NEW YEAR, and everyone wants to start off strong. Whether your resolution is to eat healthy or exercise, Star Physical Therapy and Fitness would like to help your strong start stay strong.

Matt Slimming, PT, DPT—owner and physical therapist at Star Physical Therapy—and the rest of the staff have dedicated themselves to not only healing patients, but helping them achieve a healthy lifestyle. Starting in January, Star Physical Therapy is launching its STAY STRONG program to encourage the community to become healthier. “We love to see people who are not sure if exercise is for them,” said Matt. “Those are the people we need to see here.”

STAY STRONG is geared toward those who are 35 years or older and who want to start exercising, but aren’t sure how to start. Clients will first meet with a physical therapist to assess their strengths, limitations and goals. The Star team will then formulate an individualized exercise program tailored to the client’s specific needs. Each exercise session consists of a 30-minute workout and a meeting with the physical therapist to ensure that the client stays on track.

The Star Physical Therapy family also welcomes seniors with a STAY STRONG for Seniors. This program targets seniors’ needs such as fall risk, balance and leg strength, to name a few. The exercise sessions are safe, effective and valuable.

“We want them to be healthy, exercise as part of their lifestyle, and stay strong!” said Matt.

Both programs are usually covered by insurance and include a free 30-day membership to Star Fitness or one of the affiliated gyms. Also, no doctor referrals are needed for these programs.

“I personally think the most exciting part of STAY STRONG are the special challenges we have incorporated into the program,” commented Patient Care Coordinator Sam Delahoussaye. She explained that one of the ways Star Physical Therapy has challenged clients to maintain a consistent routine is by participation in monthlong weight loss competitions. “We utilize challenges not only as a way to motivate our clients, but also as a way to make working out fun and enjoyable.”

Star Physical Therapy has many locations for clients’ and patients’ convenience. Northshore locations include Folsom, Covington, Mandeville and Slidell. There are also two locations on the Southshore—one in New Orleans East and the other on the lakefront. Patients may utilize any of the locations. Fully electronic medical recording ensures that patients receive thorough, convenient care.

“It helps ensure good quality control across the board,” commented Matt.

To maintain the level of excellence expected at all the locations, the staff consistently meets to engage in leadership and clinical training and to review patient surveys that are sent out monthly. Doing so helps every member of the Star Physical Therapy family provide top notch care to all patients and clients.

With multiple clinics and a warm, highly skilled staff, Star Physical Therapy wants to help you keep your New Year’s resolution to exercise. Matt encourages everyone: “Let us help you stay strong.”

Samantha Delahoussaye, Patient Care Coordinator Star Physical Therapy provides care in Covington, Folsom, Mandeville, New Orleans East, New Orleans Lakefront and Slidell, for more information visit starptclinics.com.



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