Signature Wedding Cocktails for Two…or Two Hundred!

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His and Hers …Yours and Ours

Signature Wedding Cocktails for Two…or Two Hundred!

It’s your big day! So why not make it your own from start to finish? One of the most unique ways to customize your celebration is with delicious signature cocktails. Designating “His and Hers” cocktails can show your guests your personality as a couple and be a fun way to put some libations into the celebration.

Designing your own drink can be a lot of fun and hold a special meaning to you, your friends and family. Maybe it’s the cocktails or drinks you shared on your very first date, or perhaps it’s something you have in common–like the love of all things spicy! You may want to even match the color or theme of your wedding.

And how much fun is it to name your own signature cocktail?! You might choose to serve a standard Moscow mule and an old fashioned, but the fun part is giving them a new identity. Name them after your favorite places, movies or song—even pay homage to a family member or pet with a twist of the words.

You can also invent your own specialty spirits and give them an extra personalized touch. Some couples have bartenders or friends design their signature drink. Perhaps base them on a common ingredient that you both like or a favorite garnish such as a lime or cinnamon. You could even use your own nicknames for each other and base the ingredients on the creation. For instance, if your call your fiance’ “honey bear,” his signature drink could contain honey as one of the ingredients. If you’re known as “sugar babe,” then use sugar on the rim the glass.

Also how you serve and display them is another big part of making your beverages unique and enjoyable. Introduce your guests to your custom concoctions by having creative signage with the drink name and list of ingredients. Have them on display at the bar and serve them in contrasting colored glassware with fun decorative accents such as picks, festive straws or ribbon.

No matter what signature drinks you serve, your guests will love partaking in creative cocktails that reflect your personality as a couple. So, get inspired and get creative with your personal wedding day thirst quenchers. You and your guests will cherish the memories and the fun of your special day!



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