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Backyard Printing

Backyard Printing is a printing business located in Mandeville, Louisiana. We bring years of creative arts teaching in public schools and an active art career to our small but highly efficient cottage business. We can work with you to create the perfect design and have it beautifully conveyed onto tee-shirts, caps, tote bags, towels and other cloth items of your choice.

We specialize in screen printed tee-shirts. We require a minimum order of 12 for one color printed items and we will work with you to arrive at a satisfactory design and layout that conveys what you want on the shirt.

We also offer a heat transfer process for orders under 12 that involves printing what you select onto professional transfer paper that is heated onto a tee-shirt. We offer this process in full color with a very rapid turn around time. The art work used can be e-mailed to us. Most transfers work best on white tee shirts but can be effectively transferred onto various light colors or black tee-shirts.

1960 Surgi Dr
Mandeville, LA 70448
(985) 231-7789


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