Roses are Red…and Yellow and Pink

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So many roses and so many colors! Have you ever wondered about the meaning and significance of roses? Here’s some fun insight into their colorful meanings.


Red roses are the traditional symbol for love and romance, and will always be the classic way to say, “I love you.” The red rose also reflects beauty and perfection. Deep or dark red roses can indicate a hidden beauty.


Words like gentleness, joy and sweetness are just a few ways to describe the meaning behind the pink rose. A pink rose can also convey happiness, gracefulness and admiration.


Bright, cheerful and joyful are what come to mind when thinking of a yellow rose. Yellow roses create warm feelings and provide happiness. Giving yellow roses can tell someone the joy they bring you and the friendship you share.


White roses represent unity, purity and virtue. White roses are traditionally used in weddings and can represent new beginnings. White roses are also associated with honor and reverence, making them a fitting memorial for a departed loved one.


Orange roses evoke energy, and can indicate enthusiasm, desire and excitement. Giving them can symbolize your passionate romance and can be an expression of fascination.


A slightly pinker shade of orange, the meaning behind salmon-colored roses sends a similar  message as orange roses. Salmon roses can indicate desire and excitement. Giving this color rose is a way to share your desire for someone and let them know how you truly feel.


They are said to represent charm, thoughtfulness and gracefulness. Ivory colored roses also represent richness and perfection. Ivory roses would be great for letting someone know you care, without romantic intentions. 


Love at first sight or just an enchanting way to say, “I love you!” Lavender roses can offer a daily reminder of your love and eagerness and signify growth in your relationship.


Blue roses represent mystery, the impossible, or the unattainable. Give a blue rose to someone and you are saying, “you are extraordinarily wonderful and unique.” Blue roses are perfect for the woman who marches to the beat of her own drum.


Green is the color of life, abundant growth, and constant renewal of life and energy. The green rose signifies the ongoing rejuvenation of spirit, and is therefore a messenger of cheerfulness.



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