PEOPLE ARE WEARING devices to count how many steps they are taking and remind them to move when they haven’t moved or met their personalized fitness goals.I see Facebook posts that read, “I made my 10,000 steps. Got my steps in today!”

Being our best physical self can be a formidable goal, yet for most people, some level of fitness is attainable. Being our best, in other ways, however is not so easily measured.  Being our best in relationships, for example can be determined through gifts. Giving the best gifts at Valentines and other occasions requires attentiveness.

Seeing someone express delight in opening a gift, that we have given him can make the perfect photograph. Getting the right gift though requires a few steps.

Step one: Listen to how the potential recipient of your gift speaks.  If he says things like: “Did you hear that?”or “I couldn’t believe my ears,” “That music really gets to me,” … probably this person needs to hear things from you, so a recorded message to him might be suitable. Something he can replay. He wants words.  If she makes statement like: “That is beautiful,” “I love the color red,” “That sunset is so beautiful,” … she wants something visually appealing.  If he says: “That was delicious,” “We should have that meal again but vary it with a hint of another spice”… he has a sophisticated palette and may like a certificate to a restaurant he enjoys or the ingredients to a meal that you might prepare together.  If she says: “I love the smell of this flower,” “The fresh air smells so good today,”… she may enjoy a particular fragrance in a candle, perfume or handpicked wildflowers.

Step two: Take steps to obtain the gift.

Step three: Take steps to give the gift. Turn off the television and other electronics and be present.

Step four: Congratulate yourself for being your best in giving yourself to listening

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