Rain Dance Irrigation and Landscaping


WHAT STARTED AS an irrigation company in 1998 has expanded to include a much more varied menu of outdoor services for homeowners.

Along with installing and maintaining sprinkler systems, Rain Dance Irrigation and Landscaping offers full-service landscaping, hardscapes and outdoor lighting.

Owner Lou Adam says the key to the company’s success is its full-time, year-round crews which are each led by foremen with decades of experience.

“We have continuity with our crews so every job doesn’t become a training session,” Lou said. “I get phone calls regularly with compliments about our crews.”

Lou and foremen Willie Nieves and Charlie Templet are each licensed irrigation contractors by Louisiana Department of Agriculture and Forestry. As such, they are certified to perform installations and maintenance on commercial and residential sprinkler systems.

Despite living in an area that typically gets plenty of rain, Southern Louisiana can go through dry spells that make irrigation systems attractive, said Lori Adam, Lou’s wife who helps manage the business.

“If you have a big yard and garden, it’s a pain to carry a hose around,” she said.

Homeowners who have irrigation systems need an experienced professional to help maintain and certify the backflow preventer, which is required by the state of Louisiana, Lori said.

“The law is in place, and it is enforceable so it’s important to have the certification,” she said.

Lou also has extensive experience designing and installing drainage systems that remove water from around homes and out of yards. “With irrigation, it’s a homeowner deciding to make an investment to water their lawn. With landscaping, a homeowner may want to refurbish what’s there or it’s a new construction,” Lou said.

“With drainage, it’s a problem that has to be addressed.”

For landscaping projects, Lou said Rain Dance provides layouts, installations and maintenance for newly constructed homes as well as for homeowners who want an update.

“A representative of Rain Dance will go out and take measurements and talk about the look the client wants to achieve,” Lori said. “If they want a manicured English garden look, we can do that. If they want a native Louisiana type of look, we can do that, too.”

When it comes to outdoor lighting, Lou said the initial investment can be expensive, but the payoff is worth it.

“It not only provides excellent security for all areas of your yard, but it improves the curb appeal 10 fold,” he said.

Rain Dance provides irrigation, landscaping, drainage and outdoor lighting services to residents of St. Tammany, Tangipahoa and Orleans parishes. For more information, please call 985-809-7246.

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