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It’s the most wonderful time of the year. And one of the items on almost everyone’s to-do list this season is to decorate the house with all things Christmas. Gathering with family and friends and listening to Christmas music while trimming the tree embodies the true holiday spirit. This year, we were fortunate to be able to visit with a few local shops and gather some pictures for decorating ideas and tree-trimming tips from the experts. Enjoy!


Johna Costa, Motif

I always use pre-lit trees. And snow-flocked trees are nice, too. I start with my tree topper and put it into place. Then I grab my bigger ornaments and kind of zigzag the placement throughout the tree. So use the bigger ornaments first and transition to smaller sizes. The smaller ornaments serve as fillers. The part I save for last is the garland.



Steve Macloud, Niche Modern Home

Start with your lights if you do not have a pre-lit tree. Then I place the garland. Once the garland is in place, I start the ornaments. I alternate the sizes big and small to find balance. The topper I do last, but make sure whatever is in your topper is also incorporated throughout the tree to help it make sense. Remember that even with your traditional tree, you can still have a theme. As an example, for a gold theme, use gold accents of garland and sprigs. This way you can create a new theme each year.


Carol O’Donnell, Gild Home Décor

We always put the topper on last. We save it as the finishing touch. Remember to make it personal and let the whole family by involved! That is what Christmas is all about.


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