Prepare Now for Hurricane Season

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Meteorologists forecast a slightly above average hurricane season, which begins June 1 and continues until Nov. 30. Fourteen named storms are predicted this year. Of those, seven are predicted to be hurricanes, three of which could be major. Hurricane activity usually peaks between August and October. To make sure your family is prepared for hurricane season, the American Red Cross offers the following tips. 

Before a storm:

Talk with your family about what to do if a hurricane occurs. Discussing hurricanes ahead of time helps reduce fear.

Purchase a battery-powered or hand-crank NOAA radio.

Keep insurance policies, documents and    other valuables in a safe-deposit box or a safe. Take pictures of important documents and keep important files on a flashdrive.

Protect windows with permanent storm shutters or one-half inch marine plywood.

Store lawn furniture, toys, gardening tools and trash cans to prevent them from being blown by high winds.

Clear loose and clogged rain gutters and downspouts.

Buy flood insurance. 

Build an emergency kit that includes:

Water: one gallon per person, per day   (three-day supply for evacuation,

two-week supply for home)

Food: non-perishable, easy-to-prepare items (three-day supply for evacuation, two-week supply for home)

Flashlight and battery-powered radio

First aid kit 

Medications (seven-day supply)

Personal hygiene items

Copies of personal documents 

Cell phone with chargers

Emergency contact information

Extra cash


Just before the storm:

Listen to local media and NOAA radio.

Be prepared to evacuate quickly and

know your routes and destinations.

Find a local emergency shelter.

Fill bathtubs and sinks with water for flushing the toilet or laundry.

Fill your car’s gas tank.

Turn off propane tanks and unplug

small appliances.

For more hurricane preparation tips,   please visit redcross.org.



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