Peter’s House: A Road to Recovery

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Humble Beginnings and divine appointments have led to the development of Peter’s House, a faith-based Christian transitional living facility for women and women with children. Founded by Tracey St. John and her husband, Peter’s House helps women who seek recovery and assistance from addiction, abuse, homelessness and a host of other issues that may be hindering them from achieving freedom and independence. “We try to get to know the woman on an individual basis, so we can figure out what they need. The addiction or situation may be different, but the underlying issues are the same.” St. John said.

The story of finding healing, through God, is one deep-rooted in the heart of Tracey St. John. Experiencing abuse and trauma herself, Tracey feels a connection with women who have experienced similar hardships. “I always felt the calling that I wanted to be a part of something bigger than myself, and I thought that was through my career as a nurse. Did I do well? Sure, but that wasn’t what God’s calling on my life was.” The struggles she faced throughout her life prepared her heart for helping and understanding other women when they need it the most.“It’s all about women empowering women, without judgment.” she said. Peter’s House is in need of mentors that will encourage women, and help restore their confidence as well as build self-esteem. “Every woman’s needs are different. We want to look at the woman as an individual to find out what they need.” she reiterated. “And that’s where the mentors come in. No qualifications are required to help, this is a community project.”

When asked what the needs are for Peter’s House, Tracey exclaimed: “We need everything! Honestly, the biggest hold up is the commercial septic system which costs $30,000.” They have been diligently trying to raise money to take care of this need through fundraisers and private donations. Currently, Peter’s House feeds 15 people with produce and food donated by Our Daily Bread and Covey Rise Farms. The house can accommodate up to 27 women as of right now, and they want to expand to help reach more people in the future. “We are open to where God leads us.”

Peter’s House is a non-profit recovery home that does not accept state or federal funding. The house relies solely on private contributions to help women get back on track, and find guidance through a Christ-centered 12 step program. Peter’s House has partnered with local churches, businesses, rehabilitation centers and local recovery groups to provide women the opportunity to reintegrate into the community. From donations to volunteers, Peter’s House is showing what it means to have heart, courage, and above all, faith.

Peter’s House is located at 23629 Faith Road Ponchatoula, LA 70454. Nestled on 20 acres of tranquil wooded grounds, the home provides a safe and supportive environment to assist women to grow in recovery.

To learn more about Peter’s House and how you can get involved, visit petershouserecoveryhome.org or call 985-705-0759.



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