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Pet Talk with Northshore Veterinarians gives important care tips and information to keep your best friend healthy and happy.

Why Do Pets Need Dental Care?


Dr. Melissa Blazevich

“Pets are affected by many of the same oral health conditions as humans.  Periodontal disease (the dreaded gingivitis!) is actually one of the most common diseases, affecting as much as 85% of dogs. Providing oral home care, such as brushing daily, is very important as well as annual visits to a veterinary dentist for a complete oral health evaluation. Veterinary dentists can perform advanced procedures to address your pet’s unique situation to ensure your pet has a clean oral bill of health!”


Does my dog really need knee surgery or will it heal by itself?


Dr. Rose Lemarié

“Cruciate ligament ruptures are the most common cause of rear leg lameness in dogs. These injuries are the result of how your dog is built rather than trauma. Although the lameness may improve somewhat without surgery, the ligament will not repair itself and the knee will remain unstable. Larger dogs need a procedure called a TPLO (Tibial Plateau Leveling Osteotomy) that reconstructs the angles across the knee. Most dogs that have surgery will return to their normal function and be pain free.”


Why does my dog need the underwater treadmill?



Dr. Ashley Geoghegan

“Our state-of-the-art underwater treadmill is very different than a swim in your back yard pool. Swimming is a flex motion for a dog.  The underwater treadmill mimics an extension motion, like walking, while simultaneously taking the stress off of the joints. As the muscles get stronger, the water level is lowered, and this ultimately allows your geriatric pet to move better on land. It’s also beneficial for post-surgical recovery and a fun way for healthy or overweight pets to exercise in a safe and air conditioned environment.”


What are the benefits of doggie daycare?


Scarlett Dalton

“Dogs are pack animals and social creatures. Doggie daycare has helped many dogs with their separation anxiety. Your dog doesn’t feel anxious about you being away because they are occupied having fun and being busy enjoying added exercise and social time with a regular routine. Regular exercise can help prevent the onset of a variety of diseases and ailments, maintain a healthy weight and muscle tone, and improve the dog’s overall mood health. This helps dogs learn what behaviors are socially acceptable among other dogs as well as humans.”


What are the most important things I can do to keep my pet healthy?


Dr. Liza Ledet

“There are several things I recommend to keep your pet physically and emotionally healthy. Spend plenty of quality time with your pet, including enrichment activities, exercise and training. Feed them a balanced, healthy diet with adequate moisture and ensure they maintain a healthy weight. Visit your veterinarian at least twice a year. Follow their recommendations for dental care, wellness and preventative medicine such as lab work, vaccinations and parasite control. Regular grooming and hygiene are important as well. Of course, lots of snuggles and loving too!


The contents of Pet Talk are for informational purposes only.  Always seek advice from your veterinarian regarding medical conditions of your pet. 



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