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EVEN AS JULY brings a step towards new normalcy with relaxed social distancing guidelines and planning for safe summer activities, healthcare concerns remain top-of-mind for the majority of people. Whether it’s planning for postponed gatherings such as graduations and cultural endeavors; rescheduling interactions such as school attendance and elective medical procedures; or participating in cherished traditions such as Independence Day celebrations and summer family travel, there is much conflicting and confusing information in the media—particularly social media.

This month’s issue is dedicated to the Northshore’s top healthcare professionals who have stepped up to offer expert medical attention, healthy advice and clarity for those seeking help, guidance and care. Customized family and women’s care, advanced chiropractic techniques, award-winning pain management, aesthetic procedures and weight management are some of the topics covered by local, respected authorities, along with insight into their practice philosophies and motivations for choosing their challenging yet rewarding callings. 

Moving forward, social and mental health play an important role in overall wellbeing also. As attractions and places for recreation and social interaction reopen, some operating with modifications, we strive to bring you the most up-to-date information available to us. Just like much of our routine, our monthly calendar is finally returning, albeit with modifications. While specific event listings are very limited, these pages offer ideas and opportunities to recreate and enjoy Northshore offerings now available to you and support those looking to enhance the health of their own local businesses. 


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