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TO COMPLETE THEIR dream home in the Woodlands, Stephen and Reba Weymouth envisioned an outdoor space that would be their own private oasis. “When we walked out of the back door, we wanted to be transported to a different place – like being on vacation every day,” says Reba, an ANCC Board Certified Family Nurse Practitioner, member and diplomat of the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine, and owner of Timeless Rx.  Along with beauty, functionality was a driving force behind the layout the Weymouth’s designed. Over the years, updates and additions were accomplished resulting in a space that increasingly reflected the personality of its creators.

The pool and waterfall are the refreshing centerpieces of the retreat that is surrounded by bamboo. This adds a tropical feel while insulating the area from the worries of the world and any sights or sounds that might detract from the desired peacefulness.  Muses Stephen, “I enjoy the tranquility of the natural surroundings. Relaxing in and around the pool is a must for unwinding, and the times spent out here with my granddaughter are precious to me.” Reba adds that the look of the waterfall provides a grotto effect, and that she loves the splashing sound for its de-stressing and calming effect.


Sitting areas and an outdoor kitchen expand the home’s living area while creating a perfect environment for entertaining. Stephen’s appreciation for tranquility is balanced by a love of hosting gatherings for friends and family. Many a holiday, birthday and special occasion has been celebrated with him grilling to the strains of classic rock favorites from his extensive vinyl collection including Van Morrison, Graham Parker and Spirit playing over the custom surround sound system. Both Reba and Stephen agree that family togetherness and time spent with friends are the true gifts of their private paradise. 

Inviting, unique elements mirror the couple’s warm and spirited style. A covered pergola doubles as a playhouse for grandchildren and the freestanding fireplace structure is one-of-a-kind. The selection of plants, lighting and décor are inspired by a love of all things NOLA including the Saints, LSU and music. Those themes are carried through pieces of Reba’s own original artwork which bring together the different areas of the space’s layout and add fun, whimsical elements. Travel mementos add yet another layer of personal meaning to the cherished haven. 

In summer, the fireplace adds an interesting, architectural focal point. In winter, it serves as a cozy gathering place for sharing a nightcap and good conversation. The couple’s contentedness is evident as they reminisce about festive Christmas socials, epic theme parties, family milestones, and just as importantly, sharing good music, good food and good times for no particular reason at all.  

Stephen sweetly reflects on why their back yard is so much more than the sum of its parts. “The quality time that Reba and I have alone is the best part of what we’ve built out here. She’s a blessing and has been my rock and foundation – love you dear.” Reba replies in kind, ”Life is about the memories, and we’re fortunate to have made so many unforgettable ones right here.”



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