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Bringing it Home: Innovative Real Estate on the Northshore—Tiffani Robin, Robin Realty Group of Keller Williams Realty Services

Tiffani Robin, owner of Robin Realty Group of Keller Williams Realty Services is like the rest of us—balancing family, work and social life but her ability to think outside of the box, and her inclusiveness to those around her, endear an unspoken loyalty to her and her business. She describes herself as a “What you see is what you get” type of person who values honesty and authenticity. To her clients, family and friends, she is a powerhouse of warmth, curiosity and endless determination. This synergy has helped her create a million dollar real estate team that is changing the face of the local real estate market.

Tiffani learned from her family at an early age that the combination of hard work and diligence are the keys to success. It was one of her childhood best friends, Jennifer, who first introduced her to the real estate business in 2009. More importantly, it was Jennifer’s belief in her abilities that made the difference in her career. “Her encouragement really helped me realize my passion and my potential. When you have people believe in you, it is easier to believe in yourself—both professionally and personally.”

Like many St. Bernard natives, Tiffani relocated to the Northshore after losing her home to Hurricane Katrina. She says the warmth of the people, along with the variety of recreational opportunities and richness of the culture, helped her husband, Brett Bernheisel and her son Casey, decide to make the area their permanent home. She explains that the reasons her family was attracted to the area are the same ones that attract her clients today. “I understand how welcoming the Northshore can be because we lived through it first-hand,” she says.
“Our weekly tradition of trying new restaurants every Sunday for lunch has helped us get a better taste for the area—both literally and figuratively,” she jokes.

As one of the largest real estate groups on the Northshore, Robin Realty Group “marches to the beat of their own drums” says Tiffani. Their uniqueness is in their innovation, in both their specialized roles and in their use of the latest technology.

Every role within the group is designed to serve the client. Tiffani manages the overall climate of the team and business; Brett is the group’s Listing Specialist; Courtney Barrilleaux runs the group’s Buyer Division along with several office staff members and assistants.Their newest hire is the team’s first Showing Assistant, Meredith Dotson. “It is like going to the doctor,” she says. “Just as there is a receptionist to greet you, a nurse to update your charts and a doctor to diagnose you, the Robin Realty Group has someone for each progression of your purchase or sale. No other real estate group operates in the way that we do.”

The use of available technology continues to set them apart in the Northshore market. They highlight their real estate listings via websites, produce blogs and video blogs, and stream live video for property inspections. All of their online media efforts, including social media platforms such as Facebook and YouTube, are updated weekly with real estate news, market statistics and tips to keep their clients informed.

Tiffani explains that their user-friendly technology provides more bang for the buck, not only for their long-distance clients but for their local ones, as well. While the videos they produce are very raw, they do enable clients to get a sense of a particular home. “I can send the client to YouTube or a specific webpage and be on the phone with them at the same time,” she says. “The client can view the house as if walking through the front door, going from room to room, peeking into the closets, everything. This service can narrow down the potential listings and save the clients’ time. No other agents are doing this,” she says.
Robin Realty also utilizes Eyejot, which is a mobile phone application to send videos and messages directly to their clients’ phones.

Tiffani is constantly in motion— whether consulting with a new client, meeting with local builders to understand their product or working on ongoing projects. Her current project is a book on the Northshore’s new construction. She is compiling all of the area neighborhoods, home styles and amenities into a detailed real estate package to be used exclusively for their clients.

With a firm belief that you need to participate in one’s community in order to effectively sell it, Robin Realty Group participates in community fundraisers and special events. In addition to taking part in the St. Tammany Home Builder Association’s Cook-off competition and the Keller Williams’ Red Day, the group participates in Mandeville Mardi Paws, an event in which the company’s mascot, Tiffani’s bulldog, Tchoupsley, sports one of his many costumes.

For Tiffani, taking care of her clients is personal. “Clients are like family to me. In fact, many have become lifelong friends,” she says. “They know I’m with them for the long haul.” Her gregarious nature, versatility and her ability to put a new twist on real estate is why she makes such a positive impression on everyone she meets. Her clients trust her to tell them in the beginning what they need to hear—so that in the end, she can deliver what they want.

Robin Realty Group of Keller Williams Realty Services is now located at their new mega-agent office at 1011 N. Causeway Blvd., Ste.15, Mandeville and can be reached at 985-778-2525, www.robinrealtygroup.com. Each office is independently owned and operated. Licensed in Louisiana.



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