Molly Koenig and Margot Rainold

Margot Rainold and Molly Koenig

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Doubling Their Success

Molly Koenig and Margot Rainold were destined to meet, and their common interests and values led to family friendships, a career partnership and an ambitious vision for the future.  Margot and Molly grew up within an hour’s drive from each other in New Orleans and Covington respectively, but it wasn’t until they met while attending college out-of-state that their lives began to become intertwined. Competitiveness and a strong desire to create their own best life were two of the common threads that would bind them and their future families.


Having grown up a third-generation Covington native and graduate of St. Peter School and SSA, Molly returned home after college. She began working in Corporate Health and Wellness and building a family life like the one she feels fortunate to have received. “I knew Covington would be my home. My parents live nearby, and my husband Clay and I have three children, Evie, Hayes and Lola who are following the family legacy at St. Peter. While working in Corporate Wellness, I gravitated towards sales and found that I love meeting clients from different backgrounds who I can help with personalized service.”

It was quarantine, says Molly, that caused her to reflect on taking her career to the next level. “It’s always been important for me to work in a way that’s best for my family. I wanted to reinvent myself and define my own success. As I watched Margot navigate her own journey, she was doing just that. You couldn’t help but see how fulfilling and exciting it was for her.” 


After living in New Orleans and attending St. Martin’s in Metairie from pre-K through high school, Margot was ready to strike out and pursue her creative interests. She earned a degree in art history and ventured to Atlanta seeking a career in photography. Eventually, though, her love of family and friends brought her home to earn an additional degree in interior design in 2009. By 2014, Margot had also earned her real estate license. “I saw that the two careers could go hand in hand. With expertise in renovations and design, I could create plans that help clients visualize what a potential home could become. My relationship with vendors and contractors allowed me to not only design, but also put a price point on that vision for them.”

As Margot developed her career, she also grew her family. She and husband, Zandy, now share three children – daughters Reese and Charley, and son Win. In the meantime, Margot was introduced to a company that would prove life-changing for her and eventually, also for Molly. “The McEnery Company has been an industry leader in commercial real estate on both sides of the Lake since 1980. After working for two other brokers, I knew McEnery Residential’s standards of excellence in agent support, their client centric focus, and boutique, luxury customer service were truly unique. There, my specialized expertise could be utilized to its full extent. McEnery expanded into residential real estate just three years ago. They were recently voted the number one real estate company in New Orleans. With the success of the brand and my desire to move our young family here, I suggested that the company establish a Northshore office which we opened a year ago.” 

Teaming Up

Molly was thrilled her good friend had moved closer to her and had found an organization that fueled her enthusiasm and drive – so much so, that Molly wanted in. “I had renovated, built and sold personally and I enjoyed that process. When I saw Margot’s love of the company and her vision for its growth, it was infectious. When I considered talking to her about partnering I was nervous, but she was living this life of being passionate about her work while still contributing to the community and being fully involved with her family. I wanted that too, and she welcomed me with open arms.”

Margot and Molly share many things. They have aggressive business growth goals noting that they are looking for a bigger office as they recruit agents. With the combination of real estate experience and drive, they are on track to double their sales each year over. When asked about their ambitious nature, both cite a love of competition starting with multiple school sports and continuing today with Molly completing Iron Man Triathlons and Margot taking first place in tennis tournaments such as the recent Aces for Autism for which McEnery Residential was the title sponsor.

Empowered by McEnery Residential’s company philosophy and support from company leadership, both Molly and Margot appreciate opportunities to support the community. Some of their latest efforts include running a Kids Join the Fight lemonade stand and Hurricane Ida relief efforts in Terrebone and Lafourche Parish, to what is becoming a lifelong commitment to Hogs for the Cause. 

Creating Their Best Life

Each aspect of Molly and Margot’s life and work are unified under their overriding goal. Both are huge believers in creating the life they want and passing that example down to their children. Molly explains, “Work, play and community aren’t separate things. Life happens all at once. The kids came with us to pick up our signs before the winds of Ida began. They love seeing us work and helping when they can. Margot’s house has a generator, so we sheltered there while the kids played together. Our youngest ones, Evie and Win, love each other – we’ve already started planning their wedding.” 

Margot adds, “And along with both families grilling, playing and going to the gym together, it’s important that they see us working hard too. Winning isn’t easy. It takes hard work and dedication to get what you want, but that’s also where the satisfaction comes in. Knowing you delivered a superior service and developed a real relationship with a client is a valuable personal reward. The kids definitely pick up on Mom’s mood, and being personally fulfilled makes being truly present with them much easier.”

Molly agrees. “If you’re not competitive, this is not the career for you. Our husbands have become great friends and understand that they may need to tag team watching six kids while we tend to clients, even when we’re on vacation together. But if you enjoy what you’re doing and who you’re doing it with, it feels more like an adventure than work.” 

Stronger Together

Communication, they both say, is the key to their ability to share so many aspects of their lives together. It also helps that each one brings their own strengths to the team. “I’m the morning and people person. My focus is on the big picture, the next market trend and business development,” says Molly. “Margot has so much experience and is very detailed. She doesn’t miss a thing and isn’t afraid to be tough while representing the best interests of our clients.”

“We’re a strong team,” Margot concurs. “Even with our different styles, people get our names mixed up, so we made the company name easy – just remember M&M Residential. We love going above and beyond for our clients who become so much more than that. Even if you don’t think it’s our job, ask us anyway. We have the connections to get things done and the determination to deliver in a uniquely qualified and personalized way. We’re here to win for our customers, our families and ourselves.”

McEnery Residential Northshore is located at 170 Moores Road in Mandeville.

For more information, please call 504-605-4400 or visit mceneryresidential.com or mandmres.com.



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