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THE CITY IS proud to launch our newest endeavor, the Mandeville Historic Walking Tour. We are currently in Phase I. This is how it works. To do a virtual tour and get an idea of the project, go to our website, and click on “About Us” where you will find “Historical Places of Interest” in the sidebar. Click there and a map will appear with approximately 20 locations listed which also correspond to a number on the map. Click on either the title or the number on the map and you will find a picture and history of the site.

For the Historic Walking Tour, obtain a map from City Hall, the Mandeville Trailhead or The Lang House and go directly to the location, where you will find a marker in the form of a Quick Reader code. Scan that on your phone and the same information appears. All 20 locations have these markers on site.

Phase II will include videos and voice recordings added to the history as we continue to accurately research our City’s past. And finally, in the near future we will complete Phase III which will involve a total makeover of our Mandeville Trailhead Museum and incorporate all this data. I sincerely hope you enjoy learning more about the cherished history of our City and its natural resources.

I also want to mention that our parades are ready to roll for Mardi Gras in Mandeville. The Krewe of Eve will parade on February 22 and The Original Krewe of Orpheus on March 4. Laissez les bon temps roulér!

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