Making Holidays Special for Homeless Animals

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Greetings from Northshore Humane Society


Whether your family is small, large, or made up of four-legged critters, the holidays are a time to celebrate the meaningful relationships you have with loved ones. These relationships are so significant that you may cross over parishes, states, and even oceans to spend this special time with those who matter most to you. As you exchange fond memories and gifts, consider sharing your love this holiday season.

Sadly, there are many dogs and cats who are currently homeless at our rescue who need your help. Though they receive love and care from our staff members and volunteers, nothing can compare to the joy that comes from being with a family like yours. At the end of the day after our dedicated animal care staff have cleaned, fed, and watered all our animals, they will turn off the lights and leave for the comfort and warmth of their homes. Once they are gone, the animals will be alone. 

For less than $21.00, you can provide an animal with a toy and warm blanket for the holidays. So far this year, we have rescued over 1,100 homeless animals. With your contribution, together we can save even more lives! Help a homeless animal this holiday season and donate today. 

Donations can be made by visiting our website at northshorehumane.org or mailing a check to Northshore Humane Society, 20384 Harrison Ave. Covington, LA 70433. 

For more information, contact the Northshore Humane Society at 985-892-7387 or visit northshorehumane.org.



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