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Written By Maria D’Antonio

WHEN YOU WALK INTO Live Oak Village in Slidell, you’re not walking into an average senior living community, you’re coming home.

Live Oak Village offers residence for seniors of all needs from independent living to memory care, which provides specialized care for those with Alzheimer’s and dementia. To ensure their needs are met, Live Oak Village completes an assessment before move in day and every thirty days thereafter. Six nurses along with a devoted staff help keep the seniors healthy and comfortable.

“They’re living life and enjoying it.,” said Senior Solution Director Kristy Leblanc. “That’s what it’s about.” A typical day at Live Oak Village begins with breakfast at 7 a.m. for memory care residents and 8 a.m. for the rest of the seniors. After breakfast, the seniors stay busy with a variety of activities from friendly chats outside in the courtyard about current events to Church services to arts and crafts. Both types of residents enjoy scenic drives, and the assisted living seniors love to go out into town, whether to go out to eat, to the casino or even to the beach.

“They love their Bingo,” commented Kristy. Playing either for prizes or gambling with nickels, both the Memory Care residents and the assisted living residents enjoy the specialized bingo cards with large font and poker chips as markers.

However, Live Oak Village wouldn’t be home without family, so the community hosts a plethora of activities to engage the seniors’ family members. Family get-togethers can be as simple as buffets in the dining room or as fun and exciting as tailgates and holiday parties. Favorites include trick-or-treat with the children as they go up to the residents’ porches for candy before being entertained by a magic show, and Mardi Gras when they put on their own parade.

“I don’t know who’s enjoying it more, the kids or the residents,” remarked Kristy. What really helps make this senior community feel like family, aside from the caring staff, is the size of Live Oak Village. There are only fifty rooms, keeping the community small and personable. “We’re small and we like it that way, because we get to know our residents and their families,” said Kristy.

A recent renovation shifted several rooms from memory care to assisted living, making the current room count thirty rooms for Assisted Living and twenty for Memory Care. With thirty resident assistants working with twenty Memory Care residents, it is easier for the seniors to get the care and attention they need.

This place is more than another senior living community, it’s family. “If you walk through here,” commented Kristy, “you would fall in love with it instantly.”

Live Oak Village Assisted Living and Memory Care is located in Slidell at 2200 Gause Blvd. East. For more information, you can call 985-781-4545 or visit their website at liveoakslidell.com.

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