January 2021 Publisher’s Note

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“Living your best life, finding purpose and joy”… catch phrases like these can be overused in this day of social media aimed at the sale of self-help books and life coaching. Short-lived New Year’s resolutions have also outlived their usefulness. Somewhere in between lies a place for meaningful reflection and development towards purpose and peace. I can’t remember a time when we all were so collectively ready for new beginnings. 

Our January issue features real-life dedication to pursuing meaning and happiness in life. Enterprising Woman Hilary Walker is the embodiment of that journey. Read how she transformed her challenging youth into a life of championing a strong and thriving family, the value of education, and the well-being sports and fitness provide. We also celebrate new beginnings for young women entrepreneurs, like Isabel Yarborough, who have completed the Young Entrepreneur’s Academy and found guidance towards their life goals of starting a real business. If you plan to play it cool in the coming months, see our fashion spread which features fabulous outerwear from local boutiques and shops against the backdrop of Mandeville’s record-breaking Seven Sisters Oak. As an added bonus, read about the history of this majestic natural wonder that resides in our own back yard.

As always, it’s our purpose to spotlight the contributions of area people and businesses. Learn about Beau Provence Memory Care, medical providers from In & Out Urgent Care, Strong Thompson & Associates Wealth Management, Karla Glynn of Edward Jones Investments and I Do Bridal Couture. On the artistic side, see our recap of the President’s Arts Awards Honorees for their outstanding endeavors.

I wish you a Happy New Year and hope that you’ll allow Sophisticated Woman Magazine to continue to help you live your best life and find purpose and joy in all that you do.



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