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“Every morning I wake up and open the drapes, and I’m just so grateful for this incredible life.” This statement wraps up homeowner Jennifer Pacione’s outlook on her life, her work—and especially the home she shares with her nine-year-old daughter and her husband Jim. The gracious white house stands as an emblem of classic southern elegance fitted with modern touches that make living easy and enjoyable. 

The couple found the house while it was still under construction in the Northshore planned community of Terra Bella in Covington.  Jennifer, who owns Shading Places, had admired this neighborhood during multiple visits for window consultations in the beautiful homes and townhouses that were being built. Soon after beginning the house-hunting process, the couple made their way here for a tour of listings. After wandering through the for-sale property and speaking with the builder at Centanni Construction, they realized they could see themselves living within the framework that was just taking shape. Coming in during the building process allowed Jennifer and Joe to select the materials for the house, and along the way they made a few small custom adjustments to the floor plan.


Jim, who is originally from Chicago, had fallen in love with the year-round warmth of southern Louisiana and is also an avid music lover and musician. He enjoys his impressive guitar collection in a dedicated music room, as music freely flows through the home inviting friends and other musicians to gather and enjoy jam sessions.

The classical courtyard-centered design of the floor plan is a signature of the Terra Bella community, where lots are smaller but living is larger. Reminiscent of Florida beach resorts, the house has a crisp feeling that brings vacation living closer to home. The Paciones worked with the builder to fit a cocktail pool and spa into the center of the property, and now it’s the focal point of the whole home. A swimming pool was at the top of their wish list during the house-hunting process and the area is enjoyed by the family year-round. “Sometimes we’re in the pool late in the fall and seeing below-freezing temperatures on the news in Chicago,” Jennifer jokes. “Jim likes this better!”  

Adding a bar area to the outdoor kitchen has made even more space for outdoor living for the family. Using the same oyster-tone stone for the floors both inside the house and outside in the courtyard gives a sense of openness to the view with an unbroken block of color leading the eyes in a sweeping motion through the tall windows. A mostly-white color scheme flows through the entire home, unifying the spaces in light airiness. In fact, during an early tour of the house with a friend, a young woman remarked that walking into the house was like being in a cloud. “Now it’s the nickname for the house,” Jennifer jokes; “Party at The Cloud’ is what we text when we invite friends over.” 

Balancing all the lightness are natural-tone wooden doors and champagne-colored furniture pieces that blend with personal art pieces. An art photo of the flamingos that were serendipitously present at Jennifer and Jim’s beach proposal hangs above the glamourous master bed. Most of the windows are showcased in classic linen draperies—perfect for highlighting the beautiful wood trimwork. In the master bedroom, motorized drapes allow Jennifer to open and close with one click to let in the early light that is her favorite part of the morning. Her enthusiasm for the home flows into every corner of it, and it isn’t lost on her neighboring community.

“So many of us love this neighborhood. We have friends we see regularly and my daughter has close friends nearby,” she gushes about Terra Bella. Regular community gatherings are part of life here. Even the address of this particular home has meaning for Jennifer—the numbers translate to the phrase “I Love You.” Ever since a friend pointed that out to her, it’s been the theme of their lives here. 

“I feel like I have to pinch myself sometimes! I’m just so grateful for this life.”



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