Gardening Clean-Up Tips: Getting Ready For Fall

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Think the weather outside is too hot for gardening? Think again! Hopefully by now kids have returned to school as have you to the garden. Consider this clean-up checklist:  

1. Hurricane season is still a concern. Stow any lawn ornaments that may float away, blow over or become air-borne.

2. Lawn fertilizing is finally over for the season. Continue watering any sod that has replaced dead areas. 

3. Maintain frequent waterings of warm season annuals, especially those in containers and raised beds.

Migrating hummingbirds and other pollinators depend on healthy blooms for refueling. 

4. Cool-season annuals are in stock and very tempting, but wait another month before planting.

Finalize seed, bulb and rose orders.

5. Continue watering roses and complete pruning missed in late August by early September for fall blooms.

6. Finish repotting houseplants that have summered outside. Before returning them indoors, allow for new  growth and adjustment to different light levels.

7. Harvest, rinse, dry and chop herbs for freezing. Remove woody stems that may make dishes bitter.

Label bags since herbs may appear similar. Cilantro mistaken for parsley makes for a sad spaghetti.

8. Divide and transplant Louisiana irises. Rework beds by adding organic material and an all-purpose fertilizer.

9. Pest patrol is an ongoing chore. Remain vigilant.

10. Prune storm-damaged branches immediately. Wait a month before transplanting or planting trees and shrubs.

September’s climate in our area can be too intense for heavy gardening but there is much that can be accomplished in anticipation of glorious, highly-anticipated drier and cooler conditions that surely await us for Fall. Happy Growing!


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