Face Time Dr. Mary Speed

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THE GROOM WAITS looking down the aisle to see his soon to be wife take a life changing walk. The bride looks ahead, hesitant, so many eyes on her yet more confident as her steps take her closer to him. They stand side by side hearing ancient words about commitment, respect and devotion. Then, they stand face to face and utter words aloud to each other promising to be there through sickness, health…and forever be a couple.

Together husband and wife walk from the altar to their reception aglow with the purity of this newness. And, it can be forever this way and often is for couples who make time for holding hands and face time.

The face encompasses all the senses. Newlyweds look for ways to show each other surprises and wear fragrances and colognes for the other. They recognize each other’s touch and test foods that they learn to enjoy together or do without. They save their best stories to tell each other. I find this delightful in couples young and old—the telling of each other’s stories that show glimpses of the history they have made together.

My brother John and his wife, Tolanda, seem to love showing off the other in the best light. These two have an amazing bond. When I see one without the other, the longing in each of them to see the other is palatable. I find myself looking and waiting too for the other one to show up, so he or she can be right again, whole. They have been married 40 years and are more in love today than they were yesterday. You hear it in their voices and see it in their eyes. They crave face time with one another. They made it happen for them, and face time can make it happen for you too.



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