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“Operating at the Next Level”

“He’s been with me through everything. I adopted him during my first semester of vet school. We made it through four years at LSU School of Veterinary Medicine, several moves, the beginning and end of relationships, a new baby, starting my own business… He’s 15 now and having degenerative issues with his hind legs. But he gets all the help I can give him – acupuncture, natural supplements, medicine, herbs, a special harness, the best diet and laser therapy – he’s my son Luke’s best friend and overall, he’s doing great considering.” In a few short sentences, Dr. Liza Ledet has defined her veterinary practice through the story of her beloved Shepherd mix. She speaks capably and confidently but can’t hide her deep love and compassion for animals, of which Rocco is the shining example. “They can’t tell you what’s wrong and sometimes their signs of illness are subtle. I have to figure out how best to advocate for them. Rocco helps me relate to clients’ pets, especially the geriatric ones when it’s time for hard conversations and empathizing with the family while making the best decisions for everyone. I’m lucky to have him at the hospital with me every day.”

The quaint cottage on Girod Street isn’t the largest animal hospital in Mandeville, but it is the home of big dreams, deep commitment and a far-reaching impact on pets, families and the community. Every unique detail of Dr. Ledet’s surroundings reflects her sense of purpose of competent and compassionate pet care. Her mission radiates everywhere with a refreshing sense of calm and welcoming upon entering the building. She answers queries about her goals with questions of her own, “What is our ‘why?’ How can we strive to do better?” And her desire to excel reaches far beyond the walls of the meticulously kept and inviting facility. It’s about constantly looking for innovations in healthcare and challenging the current norms to help my clients safely and comfortably determine what best for their pets.


In terms of healthcare, Dr. Ledet passionately explains, “we don’t just go through the motions. I take a multi-dimensional approach that helps animals thrive.” With over 12 years of experience in private practice, Dr. Ledet has evolved her principles to combine a traditional Western medicine background with Eastern techniques such as acupuncture provided by her colleague Dr. G with VetNaturally.  She relies heavily on natural products including probiotics, anti-anxiety and joint supplements.  Dr. Ledet firmly believes that, “you should judge a doctor not by how many medications they prescribe, but how many they are able to discontinue.” Impacted by the loss of her father to pancreatic cancer at 13, Dr. Ledet became focused on health at an early age and from experience knows the words of Virgil are true – ‘The greatest wealth is health.’ For the LSU Vet School honors graduate, nutrition also plays a critical part in all of our lives. Mandeville Animal Hospital now carries a raw pet food that is balanced and not processed, which repairs the immune system from the inside. A whole foods diet is more easily digestible, provides much needed moisture and calms the GI tract to help prevent and treat chronic disease. 

Dr. Ledet is fully vetted in fitness and wellness, playing tennis regularly, competing in triathlons and teaching group exercise classes in the community. “I strive to live a life of health and wellness and lead by example both in and outside of the office. I am grateful to have the opportunity to positively impact people’s lives as well as their pets. Mandeville is beautiful and the breathtaking lakefront is the perfect backdrop for being active, especially with pets. I knew I wanted my life and practice to be here.” In fact, Dr. Ledet has become a community leader as the President of the Old Mandeville Business Association. “We see our clients out in the community and it is an honor to serve and preserve the integrity of the community that I love so much.”

Dr. Ledet and her team are operating at the next level. You only need to spend a few minutes in the appealing and delightful waiting room to see and feel the difference. While we love seeing furry new faces, our focus isn’t on getting bigger, it’s on getting better. It’s about growing our hospital by providing phenomenal care to clients that embrace our exceptional customer service and elevated standard of care. We love and nurture our clients like family and we enjoy taking the extra time with them, always finding a way to accommodate them no matter what. It’s about attention to detail, always putting the patient first and taking pride in your work as a team. I just have to look into Rocco and the other animals’ eyes to refresh my resolve to do a great job. I’m happy to stay smaller and keep getting better. I feel it’s my duty. I know my clients appreciate the difference here and the high-level of service and care.”

Mandeville Animal Hospital is located at  419 Girod Street in Mandeville. For more information, call 985-377-0800 or visit mandevilleah.com.


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