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Faith Over Fear

A little girl’s eyes glisten as the new ballet shoes placed in her hands inspire visions of sugarplums and dancing. The bestower, Keleigh Lascari, cherished performing the Nutcracker Ballet during Christmas seasons and dancing in countless other shows in her youth. “I began studying classical ballet at age three with the Baton Rouge Ballet Theater. Dance team after school, then ballet and homework were my days growing up. That discipline shaped who I am and gave me a sense of belonging and purpose.”

Partnering with James Samaritan, Keleigh helps support area foster families. Each time her dental practice acquires a new patient, she gives hope to foster children in the form of a pair of magical slippers that represent beauty, grace and acceptance to a child in need. “I love seeing the girls’ faces light up when I give them this gift that says I believe in them and their future. The Bible says we’re all adopted as Christ’s own, and I was drawn to the foster system to share that message.” 

Mom is Her Role Model

Keleigh found role models in her mother and father along with an innate desire to excel. “My parents met in dental school at a time when women students weren’t always welcomed. My mother went through a lot of adversity to become a dentist. Years later when contemplating opening my own practice, I found an old shoe box of childhood letters from her. She said, ‘Don’t let anything put out the fire that burns in your heart.’ Those words have continually inspired me throughout my life and career.”

The gentle, young doctor says she was intrigued by dentistry early on. “I’d go to my parents’ office and watch how they bolstered patients’ confidence with a beautiful smile.” Although Keleigh envisioned taking over their practice in Baton Rouge, she began her career in a large Hammond office. “I learned so much working at a high-volume practice, but it was difficult to get to know patients on a personal level. That’s when I knew I had to allow God to unfold his big plan for my life.” 

After seven years of being in an established practice, it was time to open her own dental office. Amidst naysayers, Keleigh chose faith over fear. “People were skeptical, especially during the pandemic. But, I looked into my heart and thought of my mother’s strength, and I trusted in God.” Keleigh quotes a favorite Bible verse, “’Delight in the Lord and he will give you the desires of your heart.’ I’ve seen this truth in my life.”

Finding Home

Keleigh moved to Covington while working in Hammond. When planning her own practice, she knew this area would be an ideal home for family and business. “The name, Cornerstone, comes from the foundation of God, and I incorporate faith in all that I do. My dental office is a warm, welcoming space that fosters peace. Light streams through windows, while calming music and essential oils soothe my patients.” Keleigh says it’s most important that patients feel loved and heard – especially those experiencing pain. “I’m building a practice where I see entire families, and my hope is to provide dental care for their future generations.”

Partners in Faith

Faith also played a major role in finding a life partner who shares her values and dedication to God. “I met Jonathan while attending the Wednesday evening women’s group at Church of the King. He was in the men’s group that was held at the same time. I was elated that he took time to engage in conversation, which is rare these days.”  After sharing their testimony and dating for a year, the couple wed. “The Lord blessed me with someone who cherishes me and our children. He’s calm, cool and patient. I need that in my life. We’ve been married six years and have two beautiful sons – Cohen, who is four, and Jack, who is three months.”

God is Her Cornerstone

Keleigh’s tender care is rewarded by loyal patients who feel as though they are part of the practice’s family. “When patients started calling me ‘the singing dentist,’ I didn’t even realize I was doing it. I hum or sing songs of praise while working. It just comes naturally, and my patients say it’s relaxing.” Keleigh has also been awarded industry recognition including “The Nation’s Top 40 Under 40 Young Dentists” by Incisal Edge Magazine and certification as the only Mini Dental Implant Center of America in Louisiana. But what’s most important to Keleigh is that God is the center of her life and the cornerstone of her practice. “As long as the Lord is your foundation in life, you’ll get through valleys because he’s walking with you. I give all the glory to God!”

Cornerstone Dentistry is located at 16564 East Brewster Road, Suite 104 in Covington.
For more information, contact 985-869-8020
or visit cornerstone-dentistry.com.



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