Eight Ways to Disguise Vegetables in Your Family’s Meals

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Most Americans shy away from filling one half or more of their plate with vegetables. Yet these magnificent marvels should be the high point of your meal. They are loaded with abundant nutrients that benefit the blood, bones, and organs. Some even fight cancer.

So how do you go about sneaking these vegetables into your young one’s daily diet? The following ideas are simple suggestions to creatively add more veggies into your family’s lifestyle. Feel free to add your own creative spirit. 

1. Vegetable Chili: Instead of making chili mainly with beans, substitute cooked vegetables such as chopped onions, garlic, broccoli, cauliflower or others that you enjoy.

2. Vegetable Pizza: Try making your own pizza with a thin, wheat-free crust. Then add a thick layer of chopped vegetables.

3. Vegetable Enchilada or Taco: Instead of filling taco shells or enchiladas with beans or pork, fill them with cooked veggies.

4. Vegetable Sushi: For those who cannot stay away from sushi, make some Nori rolls at home filled with cooked vegetables. 

5. Vegetable Enriched Meatloaf: When you make a meatloaf with ground meat, add pre-cooked diced vegetables and some flavoring.

6. Vegetable Quiche: This food has been in vogue and enjoyed by many people for a long time. Just add a whole lot of veggies into the mix and even into your crust. 

7. Vegetable Fritters or Vegetable Pancakes: Instead of using potatoes, try using zucchini or cauliflower in your favorite recipe.

Have some fun with these simple ideas, and watch your children devour their healthy foods. 

Here’s to your Health!!



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