Creating an Outdoor Oasis

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If you revel in the summer weather, don’t confine yourself to an interior living space. Expand your horizons outdoors! 

Creating a relaxing and comfortable outdoor oasis is simple.

First of all, let Mother Nature do the work for you. Plant some jasmine at the base of an arbor to make a sweet smelling, beautiful entrance to your garden paradise.

There is no need for a deck or patio to create a tranquil, natural “room.” To really embrace the outdoors, just place your furniture on a grassy area of your yard and enjoy the feeling of the earth beneath your toes.

Seating is key. Make sure you have a comfortable place to sit and enjoy your company, your meal and the great outdoors.

Lighting in your yard can be tricky if there are no outlets nearby. Candles, when used in a lantern, candelabra or tiki torch can set the mood for your evening as well as ward off mosquitoes and other bugs.

Slicing fresh fruit like lemons to put in your water or tea is a refreshing and eye catching display for your guests.

Hang a candlelit lantern from a low hanging branch or arbor to create a natural ambiance in the evening.

A large tray makes an interesting presentation for appetizers or desserts and allows your guests to pass them with ease.

Set your table with beautiful china and glassware—fine dining does not have to be limited to the indoors!

A candelabra like this one is a wonderful centerpiece as well as a source of light.

Tie fresh herbs from your garden to accentuate a cheese tray and add aromatics to the dish.

A well placed citronella candle inside of a large lantern will light the area and keep away bugs.

Place colorful cushions with outdoor fabrics on a bench to create comfortable and stylish seating.

It’s the little things that count—a chalkboard sign can change themes with every occasion.

This outdoor oasis was styled by Johna Costa and all of the items pictured can be found in her store, Motif, located at 424 Columbia Street in Covington. For more information, please call 985-809-8887.













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