Cards & Chocolates & Flowers…Oh My!

About 55% of Americans celebrated Valentine’s Day last year and spent over $19.6 billion. This trend is likely to show an upward swing in 2020.Here are some fun facts about the day that was traditionally dedicated to lovers but has increasingly grown to include expressions of love to family members, close friends and special relationships such as with teachers and healthcare providers.

Cards are the most popular token

Americans send about 190 million Valentine’s Day cards each year, which makes it the second biggest greeting card holiday after Christmas! In 2020 the spend is expected to be $1.3 billion or more. Hallmark produced their first Valentine’s card in 1913 and sending one still stands as the hallmark of the day.

Chocolates are highly desired

Americans spend around $1.8 billion on candy alone on Valentine’s Day and with an estimated 94% of people saying they’d like to receive chocolate, it promises to keep its crown as the day’s most popular gift. 

Flowers are a sentimental favorite 

Flowers, especially red roses, are synonymous with the day of love adding richness and romance. It’s expected that people may spend $2 billion on blossoms to celebrate on Valentine’s Day this year.

Jewelry and Diamonds are forever

Jewelry ranks high on the list of popular Valentine gifts this year as well with nearly 6 million couples expected to get engaged on Valentine’s Day. Gifts for mom with jewels representing her children are also popular.

Pets are likely to get the best gifts this year

The lucky pets with millennial parents are likely to be included in the day. Millennials are expected to spend more money on their pets than on their friends or family. Americans may spend nearly $880 million on pet supplies and gifts for their furry family members this year.

Food for thought

Nearly $3.5 billion will be spent on a romantic dinner or night out with the family. Italian and French cuisine tops the list on Valentine’s night but steak, seafood and American fare are popular also.


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