Bride-chilla VS. Bride-zilla

Planning a wedding can be an intimidating endeavor. The pressure to make sure everything goes perfectly can quickly turn into stress and frustration that’s unleashed on those closest to you. Keeping your cool through the planning process is hard, but these tips will help you get in touch with your inner Bridechilla.

Invest in a wedding planner. Having someone to help field the phone calls and handle the hiccups will surely put you on the fast track to Bridechilla status. If it’s not in the budget, ask your most managerial friend to lend a hand.

Be flexible. The flowers you like might not be in season for the date you picked. The second cousin you asked to be bridesmaid number nine might have other obligations. Acknowledging that not everything will go your way is key for a Bridechilla.

Limit the events. No one needs an engagement party, a couple’s shower, family shower, work shower, friends shower, girls’ weekend abroad, bachelorette party at home, tea, brunch and the thousand other pre-wedding gatherings that are suddenly a thing. Pick a few staples and be done.

Skip the Diet. Planning a wedding is chaotic enough without the stress of starving your beautiful size 10 body into a size 2 dress. Eat healthy and make time for exercise to feel your best but keep the fitness goals realistic and love yourself for who you are. Prince Charming did ask you to marry him, after all.

Ignore the peanut gallery. Everyone has an opinion. There a saying about those, right? Thank your mom and future mother-in-law for everything they do and all the advice they offer. Then do it how you and your fiancé want to do it. It’s your day, do it your way.

Consider the bridal party’s budget. These people sacrifice a lot of time and money to be by your side on your big day. They love you that much! Isn’t that sweet? Remember, though, that destination weddings, out-of-town bachelorette weekends, dresses, shoes, hair, makeup and bridal showers all add up pretty quickly. A true Bridechilla is conscious of how much she asks her besties to spend.

Leave it to the professionals. Unless you are a member of the event production industry, these people know how to do it better than you. Pick vendors whose work you like, and then leave it to them. Micromanaging is only going to frustrate them and stress you out, so step aside and trust the pros.

Accept that something will go wrong. It could be as small as the florist running late or as big as a bridesmaid who can’t make it because there’s a family emergency in Indiana. If you accept now that it is not going to be absolutely perfect, you will find yourself happier through the whole planning process.



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