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The Silver Plum &  1•2 Buckle My Shoe

The Silver Plum and 1.. 2.. Buckle My Shoe “A Magical Children’s Store.” When you open the door, you will know you found something special. With its lavender walls and perky display of merchandise, it looks like a present waiting to be opened. Customers find the name as unique as the collection of classic and zany apparel, shoes and accessories. It is a place to find that perfect birthday or shower gift.

Owner Beth Seamon describes The Silver Plum as a fun, happy, friendly place to shop. “Children are made to feel welcome and special. Neighborhood regulars and those from miles away shop our unique lines such as Tsukihoshi, Lelli Kelly, Sun-San, Le’ZaMe, Kate Mack and more. We also work with local schools in providing approved school shoes,” she says.

At The Silver Plum, you will find customer service the way it used to be. “Our regular customers know they can call ahead, tell us they need a gift, we select just the right one, wrap it and have it waiting. Things like shipping, free gift wrap and special orders are services we do to let the customer know we appreciate them,” says Beth.

Above all, it is a family place. Beth’s father, Tommy Froeba (lovingly known as “Mr. Tommy” to the children), works several days a week. Voted as the Northshore’s Best Local Children’s Clothing for 2012, The Silver Plum is a reflection of Beth’s warm and sincere personality—a harmonious realm where children are loved and everyday is extraordinary.

The Silver Plum and 1 · 2 Buckle My Shoe, The Village, 2891 Hwy 190, Mandeville, 985-674-4343,[email protected]shopsilverplum.com.



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