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Our Goal

Our goal at Sophisticated Woman Magazine is to provide our upscale audience with the best products, services, fashion sense and useful information available and relevant to their lifestyle every month. It is no secret that our readers love to shop, but according to recent surveys, nearly 90 percent of them trust Sophisticated Woman Magazine to make their purchasing decisions. For less than .08 per household; you can disseminate your business message to 75,000 potential clients throughout the Northshore and surrounding regions. The added value offered with each tier of advertising gives you access to our popular website and opportunities to showcase you or your business through exceptionally innovative avenues. So the question is really—when will you let Sophisticated Woman Magazine make the most of your advertising dollar?

Our Readers

Our upscale readers on the Northshore and in surrounding parishes expect Sophisticated Woman Magazine to provide them with information on the best products and services available.

Our average reader in the Northshore area is married, female, and excercises regularly. In the next year, our readers plan to purchase clothing, gifts, home décor and furnishings, hair and spa services, physician services, travel, landscaping and more.

According to our Annual Reader’s Survey, 87 percent of our readers use ads in Sophisticated Woman Magazine to make purchasing decisions. With an interested target audience at less than .08 per household—what are you waiting for?

Our Digital Options

Reach over 8,000 Readers every week! The E-newsletters include articles on community news, special events and behind the scenes photos, Foodies & Friends recipes, shopping calendars and other updated news not found in our monthly print publication. Let us showcase your business through our E-Newsletter.

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