A Very Special Reunion

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After a year at Northshore Humane Society, an 11-year-old pup named Jada was reunited with her family all from a video shared on Facebook!

After the passing of one of her beloved owners, filled with overwhelming grief and lifestyle changes, Jada’s mother surrendered her to a municipal shelter in Plaquemines Parish, a decision she deeply regretted later. The family followed Jada’s journey, but when the original shelter shut down for financial reasons, they thought Jada had been put down. Euthanasia is often the outcome for so many “pitbull-type” breeds in our state. What the family didn’t know was that our no-kill rescue had saved Jada and five other pets to be placed into our adoption program.

Eight months later, Jada was still searching for her forever home and so we turned to Facebook for help. In a video capturing her uneasiness at the shelter, our rescue pleaded for someone to adopt her. The video posted on September 1st was seen by over 30,000 followers and caught the eye of the extended family of Jada’s original owners.

Danielle Bondi of Venice, LA recalled seeing the video for the first time, “I couldn’t believe it. Jada was alive! We were shocked when my mother-in-law gave her up, and it’s been heavy on our hearts ever since. My father-in-law died and that dog meant the world to him.”

The Bondi family including Danielle’s husband and 10-year-old daughter traveled from Venice to become Jada’s new family. The one-of-a-kind adoption took place on September 7 and can be found live on Northshore Humane Society’s Facebook page

For more information, contact the Northshore Humane Society at 985-892-7387 or visit northshorehumane.org.




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