A Mancave To Crave

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Every man deserves a space that they can call their own.  Whether he prefers to play arm-chair quarterback in solitude or have the gang over to shoot pool and share a brew, there are certain features his den needs to make it the perfect retreat. 

This Slidell-area “manctuary” boasts the quintessential necessities for the perfect rustic get-away, but with top-of-the-line twists that serve as an inspiration to cavemen everywhere:

• A spirited, custom-crafted, fully-stocked bar with hide-fitted barstools.

• An abundance of cool, dark and comfortable leather seating as the room’s centerpiece with a clear view of the big-screen.

• An ornate pool table with a built-in spectator gallery of former cave-dwellers.

• A special selection of fine wine including an impeccable choice from the caves of Del Dotto Vineyards in California.

• A lodge-worthy stone fireplace presided over by a stately moose in the age-old tradition of celebrating a successful hunt around the campfire.

• A permanent, inviting cave bear buddy – so he never has to drink alone.

Special thanks to Brad and Taylor Alfonso for allowing us to showcase their space.



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