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We are 58 days from the wedding now and I’m not sure where all the time has gone.

I find myself:
-Buying little gifts that I knew I had to get for people but I completely forgot about
-Picking out songs for the ceremony and first dances (much more difficult than it sounds)
-Attempting to get in wedding day shape by starting that diet and exercise routine that was put off indefinitely until I saw how quickly the day was approaching.
-Checking in with vendors and making sure everything is scheduled as planned—or throwing something else on their plate at the last minute.
-Watching Vinnie plan the honeymoon (ok, I guess this doesn’t take up too much of my time. 🙂 Vinnie has agreed to plan the whole thing and I only interrupt him occasionally to put in my two cents. He is the organized planner in the relationship so I get to just go with the flow!)

Meanwhile, life goes on, and it seems like our personal lives have gotten busier than ever. Weddings, parties, showers, side businesses, dinner parties (I mentioned I have to plan healthy meals and work out like every day now? Ugh.)—you name it, we’re doing it.

And there is still a lot left to do! My mom addressed invitations for weeks, we stuffed envelopes for an entire weekend and now those beauties are finally out! No turning back!


My mom is running around like crazy and comparatively I’m not doing much of anything. We are both creative, which has an up and a downside. The upside: like I said, my mom addressed our invitations and they look like we had them professionally hand lettered. Seriously, gorgeous. Can you tell I love my invitations? The downside: anything we see on Pinterest, in a store or in a magazine, we immediately comment: “we can make that!” Consequently, we have 58 days left and a ton of last minute projects that we will be racing the clock to complete. Hand painting the favors? Of course! Making our own chalkboard signs? Why not! Making our own mercury glass votives? Easy as pie! (side note: this is not easy as pie. Do not attempt.)…we’ll see how many of these projects actually come to fruition.

But as the wedding day approaches closer I am getting more and more excited. 58 days—the final countdown has begun!


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