Wrapped Around Your Finger


Round: The most popular and timeless

choice, round diamonds account for 75 percent of all diamonds sold. Round diamonds are brilliant cut and have 58 facets, maximizing their sparkle factor. A round diamond is a sure bet.

Celebrity proponent: Mila Kunis

Princess: The second most popular shape, after the round diamond. The traditionally square or slightly rectangular, four-sided, pyramid shape is cut with many intricate facets creating lots of sparkle. A princess cut must be set with prongs protecting the corners and is beautiful as a solitaire. Celebrity proponent: Hilary Duff

Emerald: The name stems from the most traditional cut for emerald gemstones. Rectangular with long step-cut facets framing the open table (the face of the diamond), an emerald cut emphasizes the clarity of a diamond. Celebrity proponent: Reese Witherspoon

Asscher: The same step-cut facets of an emerald cut, except square. Again, diamond clarity is a must for this shape. The dramatic cut evokes a vintage appeal.

Celebrity proponent: Kate Hudson

Cushion: The cushion cut is the perfect in-between of the princess and the round. Square or rectangular with rounded pillow-like corners, its large facets create a brilliant sparkle. Celebrity proponent: Giuliana Rancic  

Oval: An oval diamond has a beautiful brilliance created from intricate facets. Oval diamonds can accentuate long fingers or create the illusion of slender fingers for smaller hands. Celebrity proponent: Blake Lively  

Marquise: Like the oval, a marquise diamond’s elongated shape can make fingers appear long and slender. Their brilliant cut can maximize carat weight and the interesting shape is perfect for those with a flair for the dramatic. Celebrity Proponent: Catherine Zeta Jones

Pear: An ideal combination of a round and marquise diamond, the pear shaped diamond is pointed at one end. We love this unique shaped diamond in a solitaire setting. Celebrity proponent: Victoria Beckham  

Radiant: This square or rectangular diamond is defined by its brilliant-cut facet patternin both the crown (bottom) and pavilion (top) of the stone.

Celebrity proponent: Khloe Kardashian

Heart: A unique and obvious symbol of romantic love, the heart-shaped diamond has yet to make a comeback as a popular engagement ring style.

Celebrity proponent: Lady Gaga   

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